Company Showcase: Bacardi International Limited

Company Showcase: Bacardi International Limited

Karon Richardson and Sheryl Richardson of Bacardi International Limited share how the company and its employees have achieved tremendous success with the Virgin Pulse Program.

Q: How has the culture in your office changed since launching the Virgin Pulse program?

For many people it has dramatically increased awareness of how inactive they are during the day and motivated a change in behavior. During our second quarter we introduced a competitive element that significantly improved the level of engagement- and truly exposed the competitive spirit of the participants. Many of our employees wear their tracking devices on a daily basis.

Q: What types of opportunities do you present to staff to earn HealthMiles?

Short challenges, participation incentives (for example, taking part in the Relay for Life), rewards for challenge winners. 

Q: What incentives does your company offer for reaching each Rewards Level?

Gift certificates of incremental amounts depending on the level attained, raffle prizes for those achieving levels 3-5 for a higher monetary value, quarterly awards event, participation rewards

Q: In addition to the Virgin Pulse program, how have you incorporated health and wellness into your office?

Bacardi has delivered a number of Engagement Events over the last decade or more! These have included the 100 Days Challenge, Around the World Races, and 30 Day Challenges inspired by the “Fuel the Fire” component of the Franklin Covey 5 Choices training course.

Q: What type of feedback have you received from your employees?

Mixed and generally very positive. The team challenge quarter was very well received but probably not sustainable for more than a quarter.The variety of challenges has been appreciated. People have been grateful to have had their eyes opened to how sedentary they were.The negative feedback has been from those who prefer a weight-based training program, and the occasional technical errors with the devices.

Q: Would you recommend the Colonial Wellness Program to another company?

Absolutely. The administration is taken care of which has removed a lot of effort when compared with our other initiatives. It has brought awareness of how inactive we are when we spend the day at our computers and do not make an intentional effort move.

Q: Is there any other information you would like to share about your experience with the Colonial Wellness Program?

We are looking forward to new and novel ways of keeping Bacardi moving!

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