Client Spotlight

Client Spotlight

The Securities and Insurance Commissions of The Bahamas consistently has held over 80% participation since their enrollment in the Zest Wellness program!  Their team leaders and members work hard to make well-being a part of their everyday culture.  Ms. Bernadette Gibson gave us some insight into the wellness program at The Securities and Insurance Commissions of The Bahamas:

Do you find the wellness program helpful to your organization? Why?

Yes, it contributes to employees having fun in the workplace, improve productivity, employees appear happier, employees are building better relationships, its lowering the healthcare costs, employees are feeling a sense of accomplishment especially when they are able to see improved physical fitness, weight loss and lower stress levels. Overall they are able to develop healthier habits which can last a lifetime.

What are the members at The Commission doing, since the start of this program, to improve their well-being?

Employees have been increasing their awareness in what are healthy measures and have been increasing their activity levels in terms of steps, also attending more health sessions on topics that would alert them to the dangers of not being healthy.

Are there any employees in particular that you think have been a great motivation to members? Who are they?

Yes, in addition to our team leaders, we do have a few members who have been encouraging others, namely: Jenetta Adderley, Jewel Bethel, Merrilen Hepburn, Dwynette Smith, Jerryse Rolle, Michelle Cooper and Sandra Sutherland.

What else could be done to see an improvement in wellness at The Commission?

At the moment the continuation of encouragement will do well to keep the momentum going at the Commission.

Which vendors have we invited to your office that have been most promising? (BAMSI, JEMI, BMC, Green Leaf Farms, Justice Brown- Nutritionist, etc.?)

All Vendors mentioned were well received, however, BAMSI, Green Leaf Farms and Justice Brown were most outstanding.

What types of lunch and learn have been conducted so far and what has been the benefit in these sessions?

The follow topics were addressed: Sleep Apnea, Iron Deficiency, Food Groups and the various benefits.

Do you think members are heavily motivated by your level incentives? Why?

Yes, members are heavily motivated by the levels incentives in place. The majority of our participants do achieve level 3 or 4.

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