Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide

Fitness Gifts

  1. Smart Jump Rope: Keep track of jump count, calories, workout times and more!
  2. Adjustable Weights: For beginners building strength or saving space in the home gym
  3. Glass Water Bottle: Stay hydrated and environmentally conscious!
  4. Resistance Bands: Travel-friendly and suitable for beginners and experts
  5. Wireless Headphones: A luxury gift to help them get in the zone for their workout

Pampering & Self-Care

  1. Indoor plant: Add some green to their desk. Visit your local florist for suggestions!
  2. Essential Oil Diffuser: Compact in size for stress relief at the the office or bedside table.
  3. Scented Candle: Choose a relaxing scent in a beautiful glass jar they can reuse!
  4. Robe: Perfect for chilly winter nights or a spa night at home.
  5. Skincare Kit: Don't forget about the guys!


  1. Journal: Help them get into the habit of keeping a daily gratitude journal.
  2. Custom Planner: Personalize a planner or give a gift card so they can choose.
  3. E-Reader: Especially useful if you'll be joining our book club in the new year!
  4. Don't Hate Meditate T-Shirt:  Let them share their love for meditation on this quirky tee!
  5. Deepak Chopra Meditation Series:  Choose from a large selection of themed meditations.

Something Fun

  1. Kayak Tours: George's Kayaks in Cayman offer a bio-luminescent tour!
  2. Paddle Board Yoga: Enjoy a challenging workout together on the beautiful water
  3. Instant Film Camera: Perfect for capturing those little moments
  4. Art Class: Cayman members, try one of the offerings at ArtNest
  5. Adult Coloring Book: It's not just for kids! Bonus: it has great mind-clearing benefits

For the Cook

  1. Spiralizer: For those looking to get creative and add more vegetables to their meals
  2. Online Cooking Class: Learn new techniques and recipes from the comfort of home
  3. Meal Planner: Make it easy to plan the week's meals and grocery list.
  4. Indoor Garden: Grow fresh herbs on the counter top year-round!
  5. Reusable Bags: Environmentally-friendly silicone bags
Rockstar: Nives Filice

Rockstar: Nives Filice

Navigating Holiday Nutrition

Navigating Holiday Nutrition