Rockstar: Kriston Moore

Rockstar: Kriston Moore

The goal of the Zest Wellness program is to help members create lasting, meaningful changes to their overall health and well-being.  With the Healthy Habits feature of Virgin Pulse, members are encouraged to track activities that will contribute to a healthier lifestyle.  Whether your goal is tied to finances, physical activity or getting enough sleep, there is a healthy habit tracker that will help you achieve it.  Start with one habit you would like to focus on, and receive points for tracking up to 3 habits daily.

This quarter's rockstar, Kriston Moore, uses the healthy habits feature to stay on track.  We asked him how the healthy habits tool has created an impact on his life:

Which healthy habits have you chosen?

Whole grains, morning drink of water, lean mean protein, my sleep, track your mood, start the day right (healthy breakfast), stairs, get a workout.

How are you commenting on these healthy habits?

I use the website in office and the mobile app on weekends.

Why do you find the healthy habits helpful?

The healthy habits are helpful because they remind me of things I may or may not be doing that are beneficial to my health. I think the goal is to actually form habits so they become a part of your daily routine without having to make a conscious effort to get them done.

How have the use of these healthy habits improved your attention to wellness?

I’ll give a few examples:

a)     Morning Drink – I usually keep a bottle of water next to my bed. In the morning, it’s the first thing I see so it’s become a habit to drink water as soon as I wake up.

b)     My Sleep – The best way to realize how much sleep you are missing is to track it, so I take note of the time I go to bed and the time I wake up. By tracking it daily, I can see a log of how much I’ve slept over the past 7 days. I usually aim for 7-8 hours of sleep each night, so if I see a  week full of 6’s then I know a good night’s sleep is needed.

c)     Stairs – Unless I have to carry something heavy, I’ve stopped using the elevator almost completely.

What would you recommend to others to stay on track with acknowledging their healthy habits?

Pick some habits that are hard to remember, or habits you would like to form. If you track them daily, over time they will become more routine and you will be surprised at how much easier they are to get done. Actually being able to see what you have and haven’t done makes a huge difference (out of sight, out of mind). It’s not always realistic to assume you will make a complete turnaround immediately, but gradual changes are better than none.

Congratulations, Kriston, on your continued success with Zest Wellness! You are a rockstar!

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