Maximize your Score

Maximize your Score

Wellness is composed of more than eating right and exercising.  With that in mind, the Zest Wellness program is designed to encourage members to live healthier in all areas of our lives- not just tracking steps!  There are countless ways to keep track of your healthy behavior on Virgin Pulse.  It's all customized to fit your needs, whether you need some motivation to eat right or boost your savings account.   

The best part is, all of the features can be accessed right from your Virgin Pulse app! Visit the How to Earn page in your Virgin Pulse account for a comprehensive list of earning opportunities.    Read on for a refresher so you can reach the next level this quarter!


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This survey will help you set a baseline for your current health status, and will help you identify which areas you can focus on to improve.  Complete the health assessment once each year for 1000 points.  Always discuss any concerns with your doctor before making any lifestyle changes.


Daily cards are well-being tips based on your goals and interests. Receive 20 points per card each day, and earn more for making it a habit.  You'll receive 100 points for completing 10 days a moth, and 200 points for completing 20.


Wear your compatible activity tracker and watch the points add up! Every 1,000 steps you take will earn you 10 points.  If you meet your goal of 7,000 to 10,000 steps for 20 days out of the month, you are rewarded with up to 500 more bonus points.


Whether your goal is to increase your activity, reduce stress, or save money, there is a healthy habit tracker for you.  Choose your areas of interest, and earn 10 points for tracking up to three habits every day.  Once again, you will receive a bonus for making it a lifestyle- up to 300 bonus points!


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The Virgin Pulse Nutrition Guide integrates with two nutrition tools, MyFitnessPal and Zipongo.  Choose your nutrition profile for recommendations that suit your lifestyle.  Earn 250 points for updating each quarter as you continue to make changes. Connect your account to MyFitnessPal and receive 100 points.  Every day you track your calorie intake, you'll earn 10 points.  Browse healthy recipes on the Zipongo website each month for 100 more points.  Earn even more for selecting your favorite recipes.


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Similar to the Nutrition Guide, the Virgin Pulse Sleep Guide contains tools and tips to help you get a better night's rest based on your goals and needs.  Select your sleep profile for 250 points each quarter.  Enter your sleep manually, or track with your compatible device for up to 20 points daily.  If you sleep more than 7 hours a night, you'll earn 30 additional points.


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Healthy Habit Challenge: Each month, a new healthy habit is promoted.  Track for 5 of 7 days during the designated week and earn 200 points.  

Destination Challenge: Zest Wellness also creates a quarterly destination challenge. Work with your teammates to unlock a new site along a trail.  Each destination comes with well-being tips like healthy recipes, fitness recommendations, and some history lessons! Be on the lookout for this quarter's challenge in November.  You'll receive 100 points for joining, and will have fun with your team along the way!

Personal Challenge:  Create your own challenge to spark up some healthy competition with your friends! Invite them to a step-off during the work week, over the weekend, or battle it out for 24 hours!


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Our newest program offering, Whil, gives you several stress management tools including emotional intelligence courses, guided meditations and beginner yoga classes.  Incorporate these into your daily routine and watch the points add up while you reduce stress and improve focus.

Simplifying a Nutrition Label

Simplifying a Nutrition Label

Belly Detox Challenge

Belly Detox Challenge