The Great Escape Challenge: It's a Tie!

The Great Escape Challenge: It's a Tie!

We have just wrapped up our first Destination Challenge of 2018! We trekked all across the globe, from Niagara Falls, USA to Sydney Opera House.  Leading the pack were two members, Shanda Moss-Styles and Didier Rolle, who both met the maximum step count each day of the challenge!  They responded to questions about their close rivalry below.

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1. This rivalry: You both battled for 1st place throughout this challenge.  How did this start?

SM: Didier was my biggest target after I noticed about almost a week into the challenge persons who were initially making the 30,000 steps a day started to fall short in the number of steps.  One day Didier would be on the top then another day would be me or someone else.  The count in persons reaching the 30,000 steps per day became less and less…after about a little over a week the competition was between Didier and myself and I couldn’t or didn’t want him to overtake me and being a female I know I had his feathers ruffled (lol) so he probably worked twice as hard as I did to stay way, way ahead.  He gave me the push I needed to keep up. Even though in my mind I was saying if he can do it I can do it…. overall I DID IT FOR ME!!

DR: This Rivalry started from the last challenge when the Stingers gave us a push for the championship.  They were neck and neck with our team.  As a result, I encouraged my team to push harder.  As for the rivalry between Shanda the #1 stepping from the stinger’s group and myself.  It all began when she contacted me and introduced herself.  She wanted to know who her rival was that was giving her such a push.   She further stated that, as a result of me pushing her so hard, she had already lost six pound.  As threat, I told her, if you miss just one day, then  I would take you over.  Needless to say, this is how the race or rivalry between the two of us began.

2. What kept you engaged in this challenge?

SM: When the challenge initially began I saw it as a fun way to loose a few pounds as I had just been told by my doctor that I was overweight. I aimed for 30,000 steps per day (some days I made 40,000 plus steps) as a challenge to myself and in return I felt  well rested, energized, focused and lost a total of 7lbs during the two week challenge.   Besides being the competitive person that I am, I KEPT ME ENGAGED!!

DR: It did not take much to engaged  our members.  Because In my group they did not forget the last challenge. But I push them and  they love it even if they complain all the way.  Hard work pays off.  After the lead was so big . I had to think of new ways to encourage them. I told them that the stingers send me a add to their group.( meaning they want great steppers from the last computation.  Which was true. But I had to challenge everyone not to be the weakest link on our team. So nobody wanted to be on the bottom with the least steps. Encouragement  and working together. Keep them focus or engaged.

3. How did both these members achieve this amazing step count?

SM: The steps were not easily achieved if one tried to do them all at once, but it could be, once done strategically. I walked at 5:30 every morning achieving at least 10,000 – 12,000 before work.  I stayed hydrated throughout the day which worked in my favour with frequent trips to the rest room which also added to my step count.  The hydration was also a plus in preparation for the balance of my step count in the evenings. Though I’m not a breakfast or lunch eater I found myself eating more frequently as I burned off the calories therefore I packed breakfast and lunch which kept me energized throughout the day as I waited with anticipation to release that energy into my brisk evening walks for the balance of my steps.

DR: To answer how I achieve my step count.  I wake up 5am and run two laps and walk two leaps until I have 10,000 steps every morning.  By parking the company truck and walking more I would have 15,000  to 20,000 by lunch time. And knocking off time 25,000 and after work it’s just an afternoon walk to give me 30,000 plus that was my routine. Sunday was the most difficult days of all… but I would garden and help my wife do the laundry. You be surprise how steps you get by cleaning the house and folding up clothes. lol

4. Advise for other members that find it difficult to make 7,000 steps on a daily basis.

SM: My advise to members is to focus on a daily routine towards a healthier lifestyle which includes exercise,  the step count will come automatically.  Motivation is key, everything else will fall into place.

DR: My advice would be afternoon walks and more household duties.  Joining a workout or making up your own group.  Encourage a friend its more easier when you’re doing it with someone.  Do it in section. You don’t have to do all steps one time. Do some in the morning and lunch break  also park the car walk more. Try  afternoons beach walks watching the sun set… every opportunity you have to get out there and move use it to reach that goal.

Congratulations to both of our first place finishers, and to the gold, silver and bronze teams!

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