Rock Star Member: Doug Storr

Rock Star Member: Doug Storr

Our Rock Star Member for the month of May is Doug Storr.  We asked Doug the following questions about his journey as a marathon runner:

1. How old are you, Doug, and how long have you been running marathons?

62 years old.  I have been running marathons for 7 years now. I started when I was 55 years old.

2. What got you interested in running marathons?

Well, several years ago I participated in the annual Bahamas Cancer Society walk and placed 3rd in my age category. That walk inspired me to participate in my first half-marathon that year and I finished in 2 hours 31 mins. Later, that year I did my first FULL Marathon and finished in 3 hours 44 mins.

3. What is your typical routine to prepare for a marathon?

Three days of each week, I do a morning run and try to get at least 6- 8 miles completed each time. On Saturdays, I try to hit a minimum of 10 miles. Consistently running this amount of mileage conditions my body for a half and full marathon, the more I train.

4. Do you think marathons are for any and everybody? 

Yes, I think no one should ever rule out running a marathon. In my training group, we have people who start off just walking or doing a mix of running and walking. Most times it only takes a new marathon runner 4 months to train for a half marathon. The thing about marathons is they are very addictive. Once you do one it's a concurring feeling to complete more and more marathons. Nowadays, if someone is considering completing a marathon resource online like can help with training plans, coaching, proper shoe suggestions, testimonials and experiences that any new runner can develop from. Never rule out doing a marathon!

5. Have you developed any other healthy habits since becoming a marathon runner?

I’ve been a marathon runner for nine years and I’ve been a vegetarian for 4 years. During that time I’ve incorporated a lot of herbal supplements in my diet and also leaned on traditional medicine (Bush medicine) as well. Being a marathon runner has helped me become more health conscious and I’ve developed healthy habits such as drinking more water, getting enough rest, and monitoring my food intake.

6. Who in your life has supported you in your running journey?

My family has supported me throughout my running journey and has been the pillar of my continued commitment to being a marathon runner.


Congratulations,  Doug! You are a rock star!

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