The Great Zest Challenge

The Great Zest Challenge

Our Team in the Bahamas put on The Great Zest Challenge in early February. The challenge was intended to get people moving and working together as a team…and did they ever!

We had seven teams of five members participate in the challenge on February 2nd. Teams took part in a treasure hunt that involved fitness, problem solving, and lots of FUN!

The event started at 8:00am and teams were given the trivia questions to determine the 5 locations they were supposed to visit. The team that arrived back at Atlantic House first was the winner.

To win the challenge teams had to arrive at each location as a team and complete a group workout. Once they completed the workout the volunteers would provide a signature that qualifies them as having completed the challenge at that location.

The Results of the Challenge:

1st Place - PricewaterhouseCoopers

2nd Place - The Securities Commission of the Bahamas & The Insurance Commission of the Bahamas

3rd Place - Cable Bahamas Limited

4th Place - Colonial Group International

5th Place - FCIBC & CIBC Trust

6th Place - The Lyford Cay Club

7th Place - BeAliv

All participants received a finisher’s medal and a gift bag (ZEST towel, bottle water & pen). After the challenge, participants were treated to a healthy breakfast to re-fuel.

The ZEST Wellness team would like to extend a heart felt THANK YOU to our volunteers who helped out during the challenge.

Without YOU we would have not been able to make this event a success for our clients and colleagues.

The Great Zest Challenge was featured on Bahamas@Sunrise. Check it out using this link:

Start video at exactly 20mins of the recording for a quick view. 

Rockstar Member: Treavina Davis

Rockstar Member: Treavina Davis

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