Rockstar Member: Elthrez Styles

Rockstar Member: Elthrez Styles

“…it’s been over a year and I've lost over 100 pounds. Hopefully soon I’ll progress to running…with my Zest Wellness apps, Fitbit and phone app, I know I can!”

- Elthrez Styles

Through persistence and patience, Elthrez Styles has had huge success changing his habits by taking small steps toward bettering his health over time.

Elthrez started his wellness journey by challenging himself with detoxing his body. His first step was to clean up his diet and once that was locked in, he slowly incorporated more fitness related goals. These small changes over time soon altered his habits which lead him to changing his lifestyle over the long term.

This is his story:

“My journey began simply by challenging myself to five-day liquid detox. I was able to remain on plan about 70% of the time and I lost about seven pounds, but I was motivated to continue.

One month later I began a seven-day liquid detox. There were temptations but I challenged myself to complete the full detox. Like before, it wasn't 100% successful but I had a renewed my courage. Not eating was challenging so I googled ways to detox with food. I soon discovered that detoxing with food meant eating whole foods and non-processed organic fruits and veggies. It reminded me of how my grand-parents [who were farmers] used to eat, natural foods from the land.

The trick now was to come up with detox meals that suited my taste buds - spices were just what I needed to make the transition. My cravings for pizza and “chicken in the bag” didn't disappear but eating prepared meals on schedule along with lots of water kept me satisfied. So I didn’t give into my cravings like most diets plans, I intermit: 2 weeks on the plan and 2 weeks off.

After months of success, I began lite aerobics, walking and calorie counting. The Zest Wellness apps are really helpful for keeping me on track and accountable. With the Zest calorie counter I can see how many calories I burned daily and by entering my meals I can calculate calories consumed. This way I could figure out which foods to avoid to stay within a calorie budget and when more exercise is needed when I fall weak to cravings! 

My AMI fit helps to set new goals like 3- mile walks 4 days a week when I first started and now I am up to 5 miles a day. AMI fit also challenges me to challenge myself to shave minutes off my time. Seeing my accomplishments documented on the app motivates me to do more. So, it’s been over a year and I've lost over 100 pounds. Hopefully soon I will progress to running, with my zest wellness apps, fit bit and phone app, I know I can!”

What are your fitness goals? Present or Past?

Weight-loss primarily - To lose 12 inches around my waist.

What exercise has helped you hit your fitness goals?


What tips or tricks would you give another Zest Wellness member trying to reach their fitness goals?

Stay well hydrated.

What is your daily step count and how do you ensure you reach it every day?

8000 minimum. I take walks almost every day.

What motivates you to stay on track with your health and fitness goals?

I'm driven by seeing progress.

What is your favorite Zest Wellness feature?

The calorie counter.

What is your favorite healthy snack?

Cashews and almonds.

What is your favorite exercise?


Elthrez is a prime example of taking small steps to achieve a big goal. Keep up the good work!

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Design Your Life: A Life Well-designed Is A Life Well-lived

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It only takes 5 minutes!