Getting Comfortable At Work

Getting Comfortable At Work

Think about a time where you were uncomfortable. It is probably safe to say you didn’t stay there for long, nor did you get anything done while you were in that position. In order to work efficiently without pain, you must build yourself a “comfort zone” at work.

The average desk worker spends approximately 1/4 of their life at work. To ensure over time there are no chronic aches and pains that develop, proper workplace ergonomics are key.

Workplace ergonomics is the science of designing the workplace, keeping in mind the capabilities and limitations of the worker. (The Value of Ergonomics — How Ergonomics Improves Productivity )

When employees are given proper ergonomic workspace, they are more productive and engaged. That being said, ergonomics, in this scenario are not limited to standing desks or comfortable chairs. Ergonomics in the workplace can be anything from lighting, smells, airflow, desk height, distance from computer to the employees face etc.

Ergonomics can have a dramatic and far reaching impact on your organization, including improving productivity. In today’s competitive business environment, it’s impossible to ignore ergonomics as a valuable and necessary process to making the best product in the most efficient way. (The Value of Ergonomics — How Ergonomics Improves Productivity )

Are you currently doing anything to improve your workplace ergonomics?

Interested to learn more?

In the most recent episode of the Zest Wellness Podcast ( , our Wellness Coordinators Donovan, Nival, and Glenn sat down with Dr. Miquela Rolle, an advocate for physical rehabilitation, fitness, and wellness. Dr. Rolle is a Bahamian author, speaker, and CEO. Her background includes health, sports, and exercise science and she is a Doctor of Physical Therapy. Among her many other involvements such as the Assistant Secretary on the executive board of the Bahamas Association of Physical Therapy, she is also a certified Zumba instructor and certified in Aquatic Therapy.

Dr. Rolle started Paramount Rehabilitation & Fitness Center ( with the philosophy of helping others become more active and live free from painkillers. Among her peers, Dr. Rolle is frequently seen with a smile and is known for her positive words of encouragement.

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Rockstar Member: Sonia Costa

Rockstar Member: Sonia Costa