Rockstar Member: Danna Vasquez

Rockstar Member: Danna Vasquez

Danna Vasquez is this quarter's Rockstar member, and for good reason! Danna has made substantial strides in changing her lifestyle over the past several years and the Zest Wellness program has played significant role and had a huge impact, which is evident in her transformation photos and write-up below.  We are blown away by Danna's journey, and know that she will be an inspiration to all that hear her story.

Read on to learn how Danna made changes in her life, and her tips for anyone else looking to become healthier!


1.       How long have you been participating in the program?

I have been participating since the program was introduced.  I have been a champion for a few years now. 

2.       What are some of the key aspects of the program that you enjoy?

The subtle competitions.  The daily cards and hints.   The challenges both team and individual.  Mostly earning the rewards to get the points or levels up. Then you have the nutritional information, the health benefits, and the measurements of your overall health. The classes offered like cross fit, yoga, the gym.

3.       What healthy habits have you adopted since being on the program?

I haven’t had a soda in over 4 years.  I keep moving, try to stay active and even when I am not feeling 100% I still try to make my daily step goal.  I have learned to make healthier food choices. Increased my water intake, something I thought would never happen.   Now I drink at least 8 bottles of water a day.  I can’t say that every day I eat as nutritiously as I should but I am more aware and conscious of my food choices.  And if I have that piece of cake or ice-cream I know I have to drop something else somewhere as well as take some extra activity on.

4.       How has the wellness program influenced other areas of your life?

Trying to be healthier is a great mental boost.  The more active you are the better you feel both physically and mentally.   I try to follow the hints for different ways to de-stress. By being in the program you are able to share your successes or failures to help a fellow participant out. 

5.       You’ve successfully reach Level 4 each quarter, how do you stay motivated?

It’s just for me.  I was 287 pounds a few years back and diagnosed with uncontrolled diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol.  Knowing diabetes took both my Mom and Grandma I woke up and said enough!   I started walking 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes at night.  I then increased that to 30 minutes.  Eventually the walking in combination with the little food changes I was making I started to lose some weight.  I got back into playing softball a sport I have always enjoyed.  I just kept going from there.  Watched what I ate, increased my activity with softball and other sports.  I started Cross-fit which I enjoy (all but the running).  Now I participate in almost any activity.   I’ve lost 107 pounds on my own, my diabetes is well controlled, blood pressure is normal and cholesterol is good.   So getting healthy and staying there is my main motivation, that is, aside from earning the extra vacation day!

6.       What are some tips you would share with other members?

Just stick with it.   One step at a time.  Don’t give up and don’t try to do all these crazy diets or major life changes all at once.  Be aware of what you put in your mouth.  Do a food journal.  Make changes but small changes and like I said Never Quit! Just keep moving! Oh Take the stairs and park as far away from the entrances as you can.  

I’ve recently had some injuries and surgery both of which slowed me down a bit but the bottom line in my mind is to recover then get back to the activities. You have to look at it as changing your life one choice at a time.

My journey is not yet complete, I am a work in progress. Just trying to stay on target and meet my personal goal!

We wish Danna all the best as she continues on her journey.  Danna, you are a true rockstar!

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